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For nearly 20 years, Ideal Plastics has been bringing the newest solutions and products in the plastics industry to the New England market. Dedicated to forming long lasting relationships and finding innovative solutions for every application, we have gained a strong reputation within the industry. Ideal Plastics represents some of the most recognizable and trusted names in plastics. We are incredibly pleased to be known for our personable staff and for the high-quality manufacturers we represent. We look forward to working with your company to bring you the solutions you need.

What our customers say about us:

We have been able to rely upon Ideal Plastics for many years with the professionalism and promptness of their support for our production needs. Most recently, the Matsui dryers and material feeding equipment have performed flawlessly and improved the efficiency of our operation. Michael and the team he represents have always been responsive and dependable for us in every aspect of their business.

Joe DeSisto
Maine Manufacturing

In 1999 we purchased our first Nissei machine through Michael and over the years have purchased nine more with his assistance. His knowledge and support has been superior and reliable throughout the 18 years we have been doing business with him. All of the machines performances have been great with very little maintenance needs which is a blessing for our small family business. We look forward to continuing our business relationship with Michael and would highly recommend him for your needs. Thank you for all that you have done for our business.

Glenn R. Therrien
Air-Tite Holders, Inc.
“packaging company”

I have been in the injection molding industry for many years and just recently retired but still involved on a consulting basis.

I have known Michael a long time and along with Peter Kahuda they both always took care of our needs whether with the purchase of a new injection molding machine, a new resin dryer or a new robot, they always delivered with flying colors.

We just purchased a new insert Nissei molding machine to produce a very intricate complex part that required a very precise machine with high accuracy.

After discussing our needs with Michael and the Nissei team we had our new machine on our floor within weeks and with all the options we needed. Michael did an incredible job in making sure we would be completely satisfied, and we were. Thank you, Michael.

We can always count on Ideal Plastic for all our molding needs.

Aldo Dell’Ovo
Acromatic Plastics

We value the long-term relationship we have built with Ideal Plastics and the quality products they represent. We have enjoyed working with them over the years and the continued support from the Nissei team. Even years after purchasing equipment, we can always count on Ideal Plastics to check back with us to confirm the machines are functioning properly and to demonstrate all their newest offerings.

We first met with the Ideal Plastics team to discuss purchasing new injection molding machines to meet our growing production needs. After our initial meeting, we were impressed by the products that the group represented. We purchased multiple injection molding machines along with a few dryers. We’ve been extremely satisfied with the reliability and overall quality of the machines.